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Address Forms and “Vínculos:” How the Movies Illustrate Reality

In 1998, Victor Gaviria directed the film “la vendedora de rosas,” which represented the cruel reality of the Colombian youth surviving on the streets of Medellín. The movie was based off the life of Mónica Rodriguez, a young flower vendor

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The Language in Action

Here are some more fun instances of the paisa dialect in action: Check out the video below! Notice how the “Y” sound (“LL”) changes to a “J” sound in the paisa dialect: Listen to the songs below to hear a

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An Authentic Take on the Paisa Dialect: “era más grande el muerto”

The most authentic portrayal of both the paisa dialect and the cultural atmosphere of Medellín is illustrated through Luis Miguel Rivas’ novel, “era más grande el muerto.” The story follows the daily lives of ordinary characters, like two young men

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Sobre la Autora – ES

Kristine Muñoz es profesora de español en la Universidad de Iowa. Ha publicado cinco libros y más de 40 artículos, capítulos de libros y entradas de enciclopedias en las áreas de lengua, cultura y teoría de la comunicación. Su trabajo

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About the author

Head shot of woman

Kristine Muñoz is Professor of Spanish at the University of Iowa. She has published five books and 40 articles, book chapters and encyclopedia entries in the areas of language, culture, and communication theory. Her ethnographic fieldwork in Colombia began with

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