Medellín is best known for its worst times, when Pablo Escobar terrorized honest people, recruited children for his narcotrafficking, and upended a proud, hardworking social order.  The transformation of Medellín since his death in 1993 has made Medellín a very different place. A ride on the world-class Metro, the envy of Latin America, will show you some of Medellín’s triumphs today.

When you hover over Metro Stations in the menu above, each stop represents a theme of Medellín’s transformation since 1993. Exposiciones introduces you to some of Medellín’s daytime social life, including photo and video essays on street art, a riverwalk, why malls are more vibrant and successful than ever, and more. Caribe shows the resilience of Moravia, a neighborhood that was once the city’s open-air garbage dump and is now a lush garden towering over a main traffic artery. Hospital highlights the cutting-edge medical specialties that have developed in the city, from life-saving treatments for trauma victims to eye surgery.

You can enjoy the Metro – all rides are free today! – exploring the stops as you come to them, or you can search the site by topic in the Key Word Index. Either way, this site will remain under construction for a long time, so I hope you’ll bookmark and come back often to see what’s new in Medellín.

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