The Language in Action

Here are some more fun instances of the paisa dialect in action:

Check out the video below! Notice how the “Y” sound (“LL”) changes to a “J” sound in the paisa dialect:

Want to hear some unique paisa sayings? Take a look at the video below, where native speakers share some of their favorite phrases:

In 2019, Colombian-Ecuadorian director Alejandro Landes created the film “Monos,” telling the story of military youth in Colombia. The term “mono” in Medellín is synonymous with “amigo” or “parcero” (meaning “friend”). Check out the following scenes to hear the dialect in action:

Notice how the children address each other and the nicknames (“apodos”) they use when interacting.

Take note of the group affiliation in the above clip. Being a “mono” provides a sense of identity and belonging.

Listen to the songs below to hear a few unique characteristics of the paisa dialect:

Notice how Kali Uchis pronounces the “s” as a “sh” and the “y” as a “j”.

See if you can pick out the use of the diminutive throughout this song.