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There is a page dedicated specifically to Colombian authors on this site, as well as other references to books whose content reveal specific aspects of Colombian culture: language use, history, political divisions, gender roles, etc. This tag indexes all of those.

An Authentic Take on the Paisa Dialect: “era más grande el muerto”

The most authentic portrayal of both the paisa dialect and the cultural atmosphere of Medellín is illustrated through Luis Miguel Rivas’ novel, “era más grande el muerto.” The story follows the daily lives of ordinary characters, like two young men

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Some Contemporary Colombian Writers


The literary scene in Medellin, and in Colombia, is one of the most vibrant in Latin America. Although the global success and influence of the Nobel Laureate, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, means that he is the first name that comes to

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Sobre este proyecto – ES

Medellín es más conocido por sus peores momentos, cuando Pablo Escobar aterrorizó a la gente honesta, reclutó a niños para su negocio de narcotráfico y revolcó un orden social orgulloso y trabajador.  La transformación de Medellín desde la muerte de

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